Inspired by the brassier, brighter and more vibrant lifestyle and culture, the 1920’s stylistically redefined fashion for both men and women. For men, specifically, the twenties evoked a definitive masculine aesthetic. Style for men pivoted on classicism but was injected with a thematic twist. Today, our society is still fascinated with the roaring twenties, accounted for by its sustained presence in mainstream cinema, editorials and on the runways. The twenties aesthetic is also appealingly classic and its references can be a novel way to spruce up the simplest of outfits.

Men’s Roaring Fashion in the Twenties

Men’s style in the twenties sustained a traditional, classic essence but was revived with new inspiration. Suits were central to men’s sartorial repertoires and a neutral palette was adhered to. An emphasis on formality was present, evidenced by the prominence of hats, ties and accessories, but the influence of sports stars and relaxed casual wear also permeated the era. Whilst formality still annotated attire, there was an influence of athleticism, spurred by leisure and comfort. The 1920’s hair and grooming trends of the twenties were also noteworthy for our modern culture to behold. Hair and grooming placed an emphasis on neatness – the looks were gentlemanly and highly maintained.

1920s Influence: The Great Gatsby

As most people know, The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The classic novel not only inspired several cinematic adaptations of the classic novel but put twenties style on a modern platform. Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 adaptation, however, stands out as the most inspirational. Luhrmann’s wife, and costume designer, Catherine Martin stunned audiences with her candied take on twenties style, incorporating vintage pieces alongside newer pieces with historically accurate reference. Her work with the male actors’ costumes exhibited the best of both casual and more formal twenties style. The diversity of men’s twenties style was perfected by Martin. Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Jay Gatsby who showcased the best of neutral tailoring; Joel Edgerton’s costuming in his role as Tom Buchanan displayed the sporty influence of the twenties and Toby Maguire’s portrayal of the timid Nick Carraway hinged on a more playful aesthetic (the emerald green shawl neck cardigan he wore when Daisy and Jay reunite was noteworthy). Brooks Brothers fittingly supplied many costumes for the men in the movie.

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