When the summer comes to its end and the winter starts setting in, you get ready to take out your warm clothes. But you don’t want to look fashion deprived by getting all bundled up and hiding your beautiful dress, now do you? Of course not!  How then do you pull classy and practicality in one go? Here’s a solution folks — bring on the leather jackets.

Reading this, most of you might be thinking, “Hey I have got a perfect jacket from last year but it is all wrinkled up.” Or, “oh snap! It’s been hanging in that hook for ages the wrinkles are going to be hard to deal with.”

Well no worries folks. Here’s a list of the top 5 solutions to rid you of your dilemma. Make your leather jackets wrinkle free by following these tips:

1. Ironing:

Now ironing can be tricky because if anything goes wrong, your jacket might end up in flames – tricky, but very effective nonetheless. As long as you are careful about it, you’ll end up with a perfect wrinkle free jacket in no time.

  • Take a piece of a clean white cloth (it could be of any size) or a brown craft paper.
  • Spread it over your jacket
  • Turn your iron into a medium temperature
  • And slowly start ironing it.

Make sure not to work your iron at one place for a long period of time, and even more importantly, don’t let your iron touch any surface of leather. It would burn up faster than you can say “Fashion”.

2. Heavy Books:

Use this method If you have got time on your hands .Go scavenge your bookshelf for the heaviest books you own and put them over your wrinkled jacket. Keep it there for two days at the very least and by the time you remove the books your jacket will be all straightened out. Hang it out on a hanger and wear it when you have to go out. See? Books are practical! And they say nerds have no fashion sense.

3. Air:

Now if you are smart and take your weather updates seriously, then you’ll have the premonition to get your leather jackets out the first chance you get. This method is the easiest one. Just find an open airy doorway in your house. Hang up your leather jacket there in a hanger and forget about it. No literally keep it there as long as you can and then wear it whenever you want to. Here’s how you can do it.

4.     Alcohol:

Alcohol should be used carefully. First take a small lint free cloth and pour alcohol in it. Use it in a discreet spot on your jacket to test it out; if it does not discolor your jacket then you are good to go. Apply the alcohol on your jacket and use your fingers to ease out all the wrinkles. Make sure you only dampen your jacket and not get it soaked. Once it becomes wrinkle free dry it out.

To restore moisture in your jacket apply leather conditioner on it using a lint free cloth. You can buy some amazing leather conditioners from Wall mart or from Amazon at a reasonable price.

5. Prevention is better than cure:

Wouldn’t your life be so much easier if you didn’t have to remove these wrinkles In the first place? Why not take a little special care while putting it away for the next year, so when you take it out; it’s ready for you to wear. Follow these steps to fold your jacket.

  • First you need to take both of the seams of the sleeves and join it together.
  • Lay it out on a smooth surface and flatten it out with your hand as much as you can
  • Once its crease free. Fold the arms of the jacket to its front.
  • Fold the jacket in half.
  • Fold it backwards if you want to.

A little effort in the beginning will save you from inordinate amount of hard work later, so keep your leather jackets ready because you never know when the fashion storm might hit.

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