Warm Weather Basics

A vacation abroad or just summer at home follow the same basic rules, as long as the sun’s shining regularly and the mercury is creeping up past 75F.

If you don’t wear the right clothes you’re going to end up desperately seeking out climate-controlled rooms and staying in them as much as possible — not a very adventurous lifestyle or vacation.

Always stick to the cardinal rules of dressing for hot weather to keep yourself comfortable, active, and still stylish:

1) Light, natural fabrics allow your skin to breathe, air to circulate and your body temperature to remain comfortably low. Cotton, linen and silk are the best natural fabrics to wear in hot weather.

2) Light colors reflect the most sunlight and heat. Whites, baby blues, grays, creams, yellows and tans will keep you feeling cooler than blacks, navy blues, or any other dark colors.

3) A looser fit helps your body vent heat away from your skin. Baggy, oversized clothes don’t look very flattering, but a shirt and trousers in your size and fitted more loosely than a dress suit might be will help keep you feeling breezy.

Avoid anything with enough excess fabric to fold over on itself and bunch up — that’s just going to make you uncomfortable and unattractive as well.

4) Wear a hat and your brain box will thank you. The sun can be harsh in warm climates, especially if you’re not used to it. A lightweight hat with ventilation (mesh webbing or punched grommets both work well) keeps the direct sunlight off without trapping heat or making you sweat too much.

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